I have been a qualified sports massage therapist since 2005,  I have completed CPD courses in myofascial release technique amongst other massage qualifications.  I have found that these have added to my "toolbox" of skills which have enabled me to treat a variety of conditions such as Arthritis, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome,(hypermobility), Lyphoedema, Fibromyalgia, amongst many injuries incurred through either sports activities or general postural problems through work related stess.


Sports massage is different from other forms of massage in that it is the specific use of a variety of massage techniques involving friction, kneading, stretching, transverse deep strokes and effleurage to alleviate soft tissue damage and tension. Does it work? Yes it does. I could confuse and dazzle you with the science of massage and talk about how many moons ago in China, blind monks used their highly defined sense of touch to heal injury, suffice to say you don’t have to be a sportsman to appreciate the benefits of massage. Just running the lawnmower over that patch of green that you own could be enough to cause you excruciating pain make you consider crazy paving as an option!

Pain is exhausting and unremitting and is no joke. Can someone help you with this level of pain and find some way out of the dark hole of suffering you are in? No matter what injury you have or how you’ve done it I believe I can help you.

I discovered my innate, instinctive palpation skills whilst doing my mother’s feet as a child -these were a constant state of discomfort to her. It was enough to set me on my path of interest in the human body in all its complexities. In later years I completed an ITEC Holistic/Swedish massage course, which then led to an Indian Head course and finally to the London School of Sports Massage (ISRM under the tuition of the wonderful and gifted Mel Cash. I am an accredited member of the Institute of Sports and Remedial Massage. This is where I spent one of my happiest years learning all the many and varied techniques such as muscle energy technique, soft tissue release, neuromuscular technique and facilitated stretching….basically stretching a muscle and then waiting a bit and stetching it a bit more! Tissue changes as soon as you touch it and the variety and subtlety of techniques only encourage me to do more courses to add to my knowledge and interest. Massage is a therapy which is thousands of years old and proven in its ability to heal and comfort.

I believe there is no soft tissue, (meaning anything in a body which isn’t bone) which cannot benefit from sports/deep tissue massage. 

Emma Forgie

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